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"Every little bit counts." You hear this phrase all the time and probably take the words for granted. Well, Project Mailbox took that phrase to heart. They set-up a vintage mailbox on the Boston University campus for people to toss in their spare change. At the end of every month they give that money to a different charity that you all vote on (check their Facebook page every month to put in your vote). Believe it or not, it can really add up when everybody gives a little. They've even done some of the math for you: 16,000 students * 25 cents a week = $16,000 a month to give to a charity that you choose. What if everyone who walked by the mailbox (not just students) threw in a quarter. . . you'll have to do that math on your own.

We think Project Maibox does a great job of showing that you don't have to be a millionaire to make a difference. It might not feel like it, but your spare change can change the world!


Pious Poultry and the Current Cause
A third of the profits from ALL purchases made will be personally donated to Project Mailbox

You can always get involved or make a monetary donation to their cause of the month on your own by going to their Get Involved page.

If you happen to be walking down Commonwealth Avenue, drop your spare change in their mailbox in front of University Grill.

Vote! Be sure to check the Project Mailbox Facebook page every month to put in your vote for the next charity of the month.

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